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Tea for Tiles

Good way to practice softwares is getting jobs done for friends. This week, Maluka, an excellent, enthusiasming and courageous organic shop (placed at the corner of our office street, which helps!), asked us to design them a logo and cards. Here is the proposal, using Vera Sans Serif and Inkscape, and specifically its magic "clone tile tool".

As works are also a good way to share knowledge, it is the good context to show a specificity of the clone tile tool that Cédric Gemy showed me in Montreal, after LGM Inkscape presentation.

Clone tile tool allows to duplicate an element on a specific area of the page, using parameters such as shift, symetry, scale, rotation, blur, transparency... and trace

Example: vecto-pixelization (very handy for vinyl cuttings)
1 Open an image (such as jpg) in inkscape. (image can also be another element drew in inkscape, such as type!)
2 Draw what will be the "pixel" (here, a star).
3 Place this on the upper left corner of the image.
3 In the clone tile tool box, go to tab "trace"
4 Select the caracteristic you want to be transcribed (here it is the lightness of the jpg)
5 Select your motif and "create"


This feature needs a bit of test and practice, but it's worth playing with. Ressources are almost infinite.
There are plenty of random settings you can set (as I did for Manuka)...

And... fasten your seat belt, here are few bonus tricks!