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  • A beautiful compliment

    By OSP


    "Livre de texte dense, a priori sans soucis de graphisme, et je découvre que c'est tout l'inverse." (("Book of dense text, a priori without concern about graphic design, and I discover that it's quite the opposite" Ariane Bosshard in: Prix Fernand Baudin …

  • OSP wins Fernand Baudin Prize

    By OSP

    Tracks in Electr(on)ic Fields, published by Constant and designed by OSP with ConTeXt and Scribus, has been awarded one of 9 prizes for

    The Most Beautiful Book of Brussels and Wallonia

    ✵ ✯ ✵

    [![Screenshot-vj10-cover-recto.pdf]({filename}/images/uploads/Screenshot-vj10-cover-recto.pdf-75x52.png "Screenshot-vj10-cover-recto.pdf"){: .alignright .size-thumbnail .wp-image-3709 width="75" height="52 …

  • The exception that proves the rule

    By Femke


    Felix Kubin writes:

    "As an antidote to globalisation, Ich Bin suggest local megalomania: Mulhouse for capital! 'Avec le Gewuerz et le Schnaps.'

    The record was designed by the talented Monsieur Harrisson, a French refugee now residing in Brussels (...)"

    So, OSP makes an exception for Harissons' *last ever* design in proprietary …