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  • Balsa modes d'emploi

    By OSP

    Septième saison associés avec le Théatre de la Balsamine! Et pour celle-ci, sous le signe obligé mais d'une certaine jouissance, l'arte povera numérique d'OSP en auteur visuel et à l'écriture de modes d'emploi. Déplier une table pliante, bricoler un piège à mouche, tenir les voiles pendant la tempête, nouer ses …

  • Bram Crevits

    By OSP

    Algue Print Brussels

    It is with great sadness that we learned of the unexpected death of our board member Bram Crevits.

    We will miss Bram’s energy and his persistent interest in the parcours of OSP. We first met him in 2009, as director of the Cimatics festival for which we made a …

  • Dirty variables workshop

    By OSP

    Dirty variables workshop is about variable fonts with some distance and manual interpolation (with stroke fonts inside), with La Cambre master students in type media, Brussels, on the 26 + 27 March 2018.

    We are using Fonttools and the ttx format, which is a clear xml dump of every table present …

  • HTML sauce cocktail, sauce à part

    By OSP


    Ce texte a été initialement écrit pour la revue Back Office. Pour des raisons de format, il n'y sera pas publié, mais nous sommes heureux de le partager ici avec vous dans sa version longue.


    Depuis sa création en 2006, Open Source Publishing dessine des mises …

  • OSP in 2014

    By OSP

    Last February, OSP officially became an asbl/vzw: a Belgian association with no lucrative purposes. We are trying to get more structured and this goes through making precise activity reports. Here is the one for 2014 : OSP2014.pdf.

  • Switch

    By OSP
            the aftermath of
    You're witnessing  the 21-22 June 2012
    OSP live layouting session, we're switching
    to the iceberg paradigm the post-by-commit
     way of showing our work. 
    Most of osper's are here for it.
    Yeah. Crosswheels on ice.
           And plenty of server jumps.

    Extract from 2008_Laoshan_Bicycle_Moto_Cross_(BMX)_Venue by

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