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yes, a busy month

[caption id="attachment_2533" align="alignright" width="400" caption="NotCourierSans in use (Nova Imaginary Property programme)"]NotCourierSans in use (Nova Imaginary Property
programme)[/caption]4 + ½ OSP's are on their way to Montreal, Canada where they will participate in the Libre Graphics Meeting from 6-9 May (expect more news as soon as they land). Next Saturday May 9, a special session of Open Source Open Course in the context of Journées du Libre with amongst others Michel Cleempoel, Stéphane Noël, Olivier di Stefano and of course Marc Wathieu. OSP reports from the Pixel/Print conference in Rotterdam 12-13 May while on May 14 Cinema Nova's Imaginary Property kicks off with a presentation by the Parisian editors and Scribus champions Le Tigre. Many more things to see and experience there but don't miss the OSP Screencast on 28 May. But not before on May 15 the GenderArtNet project has been launched on line! May ends in style with an edition of Palais Châlet on May 29 in B32 artspice, Maastricht and the distribution of the last leftovers (if any) from the Take Away Archive on 30 + 31 May.