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The LGRU house is warming up!

How can we re-imagine lay-out from scratch? What tools do we need to support decentralized collaboration? How can we bring together canvas editing, dynamic lay-outs, web-to-print and Print On Demand in more interesting ways?

These are the questions developed at the Libre Graphics Research unit Co-position meeting. The LGRU is a research project developed by a number of European Media Art institutions, inspired in part by the practice of OSP.

The Variable house fills progressively with guests that will develop those questions the next four days! As a pre-meeting, our friends Ana and Ricardo have lead a colorfont workshop. Many of us will also take part in the meeting, presenting and managing work sessions.

Saturday, the 25th of February, between 13:30 and 15:30 at Halles de Schaerbeek, we conclude with a presentation of prototypes and discussion chaired by Angela Plohman (Baltanlabs, Eindhoven). With : Ana Carvalho, Stéphanie Vilayphiou, Camille Bissuel, Antonio Roberts and many others.