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nY-web, literary blogging

Alexandre Leray and Lauren Grusenmeyer just finished an intense collaboration for the website of the literary platform nY—website en tijdschrift voor literatuur, kritiek & amusement, voorheen yang & freespace Nieuwzuid.

nY-web exists indepently next to the paper edition with it's own editorial staff, writers categories and settings. While nY is a magazine with a profound literary history it confirms it's existence as an independent web platform, that is to say — it uses full virtues of publishing online.

Coded within the Django framework the nY website covers four zones with independent qualities. Showtime for publishing news and debates. Transit zone covers translations for literary texts, reconnecting the field of flemish literature to more languages. Untimely meditations offers a platform for short essayist reflections on images, texts and others.

The homepage functions as a timeline record registering the activity of the four major zones — showtime, untimely meditations, transitzone and long hard looks. Articles grow in length showing the quantity of comments.

Alexandre built a custom module for paragraph commenting— based on a concept of Michael Murhtaugh — which enables readers to interfere on texts in the side margins. This module replies on the demand of nY for being not only a platform of publishing but also a platform of discussion and interaction.

Finally nY-web came to it's existence. The art of blogging in a different light, that is sure!