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Quatre/Quarts: multi track Print Party

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Track 1: Narrate

Pierre guided us through his assorted collection of stories about engineered fonts.

Track 2: Bake

With the help of Yi, Femke prepared a Quatre Quarts and explained what chemical processes where going on while mixing and baking.
Recipe (improved formula)
What Happens When You Bake a Cake?

Track 3: Design

Harrisson designed 9 numbers in Inkscape and FontForge, based on 4 different elements: a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle. Than he laid out a 16 page booklet in Scribus, and added the Quatre Quart recipe.
Download PDF
Download Font

Track 4: Print

The finished booklet after commandline imposition + printing.
19 easy steps to print a booklet (version française: voir 'comments')

Ingredient list

Many thanks to the ERG tutors who helped us gather materials (cake tins, whisks, printers, mixing bowls, extension chords...)!