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A postcard from LGM 2008

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The end of our participation in the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 is in sight...

Over the last few days we have seen many intriguing, surprising and interesting talks; we discovered new tools, rediscovered 'old' ones and made connections with developers, users and standards-officials -- LGM has been again an inspiring adventure.

We interviewed Dave Crossland about the history of font editing software, Denis Jacquerye about internationalized typography, Ralph Giles about the story of Nimbus and Courrier, Michael Terry about Ingimp and usability development in Open Source and Chris Lilley about W3C standardizing processes and the way it facilitates (or not) interaction between developers and designers. All this we will make available at some point on this weblog.

Apart from that, Cedric Gémy has initiated a Free Software user group for graphic design professionals (most certainly needs a better name), we started packaging our first open font for distribution via the Open Font Library and thought of dozens of new projects to work on.


It will take us days, weeks, months to process all this material so please be patient :-) In the mean time, a big thank you to everyone and enjoy the growing collection of images as we upload.