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Hic Sunt Leones

... and for the same Cinema du Réel festival, OSP worked with Michael Murtaugh on HIC SUNT LEONES, a collective slideshow of on-line visual contributions gathered during the festival.


Javier Packer, director of the festival, describes the project as follows: "HIC SUNT LEONES means 'Here are lions' in Latin. Romans used to write this on maps over unexplored territories suggesting unknown dangers could lie there. What does 'Cinéma du Réel' mean to you? What images of the world would we like to share with others in this improbable and undefined community created by the user of the project? What uncharted lands? What dangers?"


Contributors can choose at what point they want to insert their upload, and as a result images start to respond to each other, make and break groups of images, build a narrative. The slideshow was screened in the festival's public space.

The playlist-code is available here: http://activearchives.org/wiki/Software