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  • Free Operations

    By Femke

    2 day workshop
    Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem (20 + 21 November, 2007)

    What permutations between typeface, typesetting and text can you imagine? How to design through scripting and can you read differently with computer manipulations?

    Full brief:

    Design could not exist without a larger eco system of cultural works around it. Even …

  • Further Liberation.

    If we check the font infos of Liberation font, on Fontforge, for example, here is what we find:

    Copyright Ascender Corp...
    and a trademark: "Liberation is a trademark of Red Hat, Inc. registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and certain other jurisdictions.". In the license text of the …

  • Managing Fonts

    By Femke

    dfontmgr.pngDEbian Font MAnager a.k.a. dfontmgr (available through the Synaptic Package Manager) is helpful when you want to register and unregister fonts on a Debian / Ubuntu system.

    After installation you can start the manager, which is a GUI for the Defoma package, from the command line. Type sudo dfontmgr …

  • DIN - Das Ist Norm - II

    By admin



    "FE-Schrift or fälschungserschwerende Schrift (falsification-hindering script) has been the only typeface used on new vehicle registration plates in Germany since November, 2000. It was designed for the German government in the late 1970s in the light of Red Army Fraction terrorist activities, when it was discovered that with the then …

  • And all he left was letter A...

    By admin

    A little note on Appropriation and Type text.

    Gutemberg printed the first book with movable type in 1455. Maybe copyright wasn't existing at the time, but there was, and there is still, a fight for the first inventor of the printer machine in Europe. Castaldi is alleged to have created …

  • Appropriation and Type - before and today

    Appropriation has been a recurring and accepted strategy in defining typography as activity and business. We can pinpoint four cases where appropriation has definitely been key in defining landmarks in the history of type, not only aiding the breaking of technical and creative boundaries but also helping to question legal …

  • Open DIN: Das Ist Norm

    By Femke

    What does it mean, when a typeface is released in the public domain? What are the legal issues surrounding typography? How can a font be generated collaboratively, using open source software? What does it mean, an open standard and how can such a standard fit different contexts?


    To get our …

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