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During the Polish Print Party, a scene performed silently behind the bar counter...

they are about :

=== FIGlet ==============================

  • Go to Synaptic to install the Figlet package
  • Find the pre-installed fonts: /usr/share/figlet
  • To add more fonts:/usr/share/figlet (That is for all users. Otherwise, you have to put the new fonts in a directory of your choice by indicated with -d(directory))

It will look like this

yi@core2duo:\~\$ figlet -f banner it will be looked like this

or like this

yi@core2duo:\~\$ figlet -d /home/yi/figfonts -f isometric2 or like this

Have fun with Frank, Ivan and Glen's letters!

=== Cowsay / Cowthink =========================

  • find out cow's home to start installation
  • then: sudo apt-get install cowsay
  • open file: .bashrc
  • add line
  • echo Bonjour \$USER

Sometimes it looks like this

yi@core2duo:\~\$ cowsay -d \$M like this

Sometimes it looks like that

yi@core2duo:\~\$ cowsay -p \$M like that

Or like...

yi@core2duo:\~\$ cowsay -f dragon.cow like...

A vous de jouer :)