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Asynchronous live blogging

These past few days I've been navigating a sea of acronyms, neologisms and tiny iconic metaphors here at LGM. The thing that I can't get out of my head is the tool that pippin of GIMP used for his talk. At first it looked like a PowerPoint clone, but then he started correcting it on-the-fly by tweaking C code. I got the impression that it was a custom tool that he was using to showcase the library he was talking about. `got the impression' because, to be honest my mind went blank ten minutes or so into it. Anyway... it was about GEGL, and GEGL is ``the next generation core of GIMP.'' I don't know if I regretted not getting into the talk at a technical level. It was great to see so much code fly across the screen with such proficiency, and it was a great privilege to see one of the GIMP developers at work. The fish that he occassionally sent swimming across the screen was also nice.