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The Fernand Baudin Prize 2008

“The Fernand Baudin Prize” has been initiated by several graphic artists-teachers who work in the book world. The prize is supported by Brussels-Export. The principle aim of this initiative is to encourage the creation of the contemporary book in the Brussels-Capital region by honouring the most beautiful books. It is also intended to bring this creativity to the notice of a wide public and give it an international dimension through an exhibition and a catalogue which will be distributed abroad.

Belgium and particularly the Brussels-Capital region have undeniable roots in the tradition of the book. This know-how, which has been under-valued compared to that of its Dutch, Swiss or German neighbours (who, for a long time, have honoured their books), will now come to the fore on the international scene through the existence of a prize which will support its innovations and its creators.

The following may participate:
1) Graphic artists (workshops, design bureaux etc. are also admitted)
2) Publishers
3) Printers and/or book-binders
4) Artists

Rules and application form

OSP is part of this competition
(and has been commissionned to create the FBP logo ;) )