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Panik Party

Among the 100 people involved in the creation and realisation of this poster, OSP.
2 of them are hidden in the picture (free poster for the one who spot them) and 3 other helped the setup...
This poster was done during the first year graphic design course at ERG, Brussels.
This course has been commissionned by Radio Panik to design the poster of their annual (and legendary) party.
Panik is a Brussels associative radio, one of the last of the real Free Radio. It is a fresh and colorfull wind in the grey landscape of commercial broadcast.

Everything on the poster is done by hand.
It can be cut in 49 different flyers, as the verso is printed with infos for the evening (line up, logos...). Once cut, the poster becomes a gigantic puzzle...
Back is done in Scribus, with handrawings processed in Gimp.

You can check some more pics here...
And listen to Panik there...

Hope to see you at this party that will be one of the hottest of the year!