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Medor is not a dog !

It's a trimestrial, Belgian magazine of inquiries and stories, 128 pages long. Médor contains long-term investigations, reports and portraits focused on Belgium.

Médor digs the heart of issues. It inquires and it is persistent. It takes the time needed to be further, beyond appearances. It seeks to understand the facts and to give opinions about uncovered truths.

Médor intends to cultivate the pleasure of reading and to inform while entertaining. Médor's journalists make sense of current events and are proud and passionate about their work. Today the profession of journalism is threatened by job pressures that erode the search for meaning and by small news items that jostle the priorities of the press.

So Médor aims to reinvent the mechanisms which produce information. Médor is innovative and differentiates itself through its creative process as well as its editorial line. It invents its own, suited ecosystem : original, free style graphics ; teams of journalists and graphic designers or photographers who work together in pairs ; collective decision-making ; rotating chief editors ; readers organized in a co-op ; and decent salaries for all.

It functions with a horizontal structure and open-source software, pays everyone, print on FSC (ecolabel), guarantees transparency, independence, etc.

Join Médor on the full website: medor.coop