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  • As cool as it can be

    Fonzie benefits of the preparation for the next iteration of the (?)-annual Constant main event. With Tesseract (an OCR program and library), there's a new friend around, the first meeting with Potrace was quite impressive, we can't wait to see what will happen next.

    You can dowload the source code …

  • Text engine القطع الأثرية

    On the way to a new text engine, the nice things that will be lost.
    As of revision 15877, Scribus displays severals paragraphs, fully shaped and featured, but remains uncertain of where to put them. The Scribus/OIF project goes on, aiming, among other things, to make graphic designers a …

  • Nancy → Poitiers

    After we turned the simplest design into a complicated process involving Fontforge, Subversion, Scribus Python scripter, PoDoFo, glue and good wills, the Dingbats Liberation Fest font (rev.106) is now visible in good company (DejaVu for the closer and some  amazing pieces of art around) at make art - in between …